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"We've searched for the perfect partner tirelessly. I am thrilled to announce our groundbreaking collaboration with Crisis Text Line. This partnership marks a significant milestone for Sea Waves as we pioneer a new standard of support services," said Leah Stiles, Founder / CEO of Sea Waves. "This moment is about revolutionizing access to essential support whenever and wherever it's needed most. Our partnership with Crisis Text Line establishes the only support line for eating disorder support tailored to the military community dealing with disordered eating. 

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What The Actual Fork Podcast is co-hosted by your favorite Intuitive Eating Registered Dietitians Sammy Previte (Owner of Find Food Freedom) and Jenna Werner (Owner of Happy Strong Healthy). These dietitian besties can’t stand diet culture and love keeping it real! Their mission is for all humans to believe that they are made for so much more than chasing a smaller body. They are also here to share with you that food can be fun and pleasurable again. Although these ladies are medical professionals, they are human too!  They started this podcast so no human has to feel alone in their journey towards food freedom. 

A law enacted in late 2021 was intended to expand military health care coverage for eating disorders in the military. But it still hasn't been fully implemented despite an October 2022 deadline to do so, and senators are demanding to know why.

Eating Disorders Awareness Week is a time to educate individuals on the serious nature of eating disorders. At least 28.8 million Americans will suffer from an eating disorder in their lifetime. This year’s theme, “It’s Time for Change,” is a message that now is the time for more: more equity, inclusion, access, outreach, early intervention, education, representation, and awareness.

Join The Battle - Combat Eating Disorders

We are working with leadership to hopefully bring around a program for this much needed population that has been, in a sense, underserved,Gregory said, crediting the new program in part to Stiles — a high-ranking former senior chief — going public.


With the military’s archaic and unscientific standards for physical fitness testing, it should come as no surprise that many of our active duty and veterans silently suffer from eating disorders and don’t know where to turn for help. Additionally, the treatment is lacking within TriCare and the VA to address this issue. Leah is on a mission to fix that, bring awareness and support those impacted.

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