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At SEA WAVES, we're on a relentless quest to empower our service members, and their families, by heightening awareness and providing critical resources to combat eating disorders in the military community. With compassion and urgency, we work to shatter the stigma and drive early intervention efforts.

We establish robust partnerships and tailor initiatives to encourage a military culture steeped in empathy, resilience, and comprehensive support. Our ultimate ambition is more than just physical readiness; we're here to ensure complete well-being, guaranteeing that every warrior is equipped with the indispensable tools needed for optimal health.


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Leah Stiles




Tyrah Jenkins

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Jason Procaccino



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Toni McCreash


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About the Founder

After dedicating two decades to the U.S. Navy, where I rose through the ranks to retire as a Senior Chief Mass Communication Specialist, I've transitioned into a new position as the Founder and CEO of SEA WAVES. My journey has been one of relentless determination, pushing boundaries, and challenging the status quo. I thrive in high-pressure situations, where leadership, innovation, and adaptability are paramount. In a world where many shy away from the uncomfortable and the taboo, I've made it my mission to change the narrative.
As a Senior Chief, I led with unwavering commitment and precision, ensuring the success of complex missions while inspiring and mentoring the next generation of Navy professionals. Now, at the helm of SEA WAVES, I bring that same fierce dedication to addressing a critical issue that few are comfortable discussing: eating disorders within the military. 

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