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Your Donation Matters in the Fight Against Eating Disorders

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Where do your donations go?

Educational Training

Your contributions enable us to develop and provide the Military Eating Disorder Awareness and Literacy (MEDAL) training program. Although the training is already established, we are continually updating and expanding it to incorporate the latest research and best practices. This comprehensive program equips military leaders and medical providers with the knowledge and skills to identify, address, and support those struggling with eating disorders. By funding MEDAL training, you are directly contributing to the creation of a more informed and supportive military environment, ensuring that those affected receive the care and understanding they deserve.


Promotional Materials

Your donations help us create and distribute promotional materials that spread awareness about our mission and programs. These materials include brochures, posters, digital content, and educational resources that reach a wide audience, including veterans, military personnel, and healthcare providers. They aim to raise awareness about eating disorders among service members and their families, provide information about available resources and support, and encourage individuals to seek help when needed. By funding these promotional materials, you are helping to amplify our message, increase awareness, and drive engagement in our efforts to combat eating disorders within the military community.

Speaking Engagements

Your donations help us fund speaking engagements where we raise awareness about eating disorders in the military community. These events allow us to share vital information, personal stories, and expert insights to educate and inspire action among military leaders, healthcare providers, and veterans. By supporting these engagements, you're helping to break the stigma and promote understanding, leading to better support and resources for those in need.



Your donations enable us to conduct outreach and awareness campaigns designed to reduce the stigma surrounding eating disorders and encourage help-seeking behavior. These campaigns involve a variety of activities, including social media initiatives, public service announcements, and community events. By supporting these campaigns, you are helping to create a more open and supportive environment where service members and their families feel empowered to seek the help they need.

Research Initiatives

Your donations fund important research initiatives aimed at understanding eating disorders within the military community. These research projects help us gather data, identify risk factors, and evaluate the effectiveness of prevention and intervention strategies. By supporting research, you are contributing to the advancement of knowledge that can improve the lives of service members and veterans struggling with eating disorders.

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Your donations help us collaborate with other organizations and professionals in the field to enhance the scope and impact of our programs and services. By partnering with experts and like-minded groups, we can share resources, knowledge, and best practices to provide comprehensive support for those affected by eating disorders. This collaborative approach ensures that we can reach more individuals and create a stronger, united front in the fight against eating disorders within the military community.

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