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SEA WAVES, a 501(C)3 nonprofit organization, serves as a lifeline for military communities by providing essential resources for eating disorder awareness and treatment. Our mission is clear: to offer accessible support, comprehensive education, and meaningful connections to help individuals navigate challenges. Through our dedicated efforts, we strive to bridge the gap in care and ensure that no member of our military community faces these struggles alone.


At SEA WAVES, we envision a future where the military community is informed, engaged, and proactive in addressing eating disorders. We aim for open discussions, comprehensive support, and a stigma-free environment, ensuring the well-being of every service member and their family.

Welcome to SEA WAVES

SEA WAVES, a 501(C)3 nonprofit, bridges the gap for military communities, offering vital resources for eating disorder awareness and treatment. 

To Our Wave Warriors: If you are struggling with your relationship with food or your body, know that you're not alone—you're a Wave Warrior. Navigate to our Resources Page or reach out directly for the support you deserve.

To Military Leadership, Medical Providers, & Supporters: We are your ally in recognizing and addressing eating disorders effectively. Your proactive involvement can and DOES save lives.

To Civilian Eating Disorder Organizations and other nonprofits: We invite you to collaborate. Together, we can provide accessible, specialized treatment options for our military community.

Eating Disorders Are Real and Impact More Service Members Than You Think

The military's emphasis on physical fitness can unwittingly contribute to a culture that stigmatizes body diversity. Coupled with the stressors of service, this atmosphere creates fertile ground for disordered eating behaviors, affecting not just physical health but mental well-being, job performance, and military readiness. Untreated eating disorders can lead to severe health complications and even suicide—the leading cause of death in eating disorder cases.

We Can't Afford To Look The Other Way

Treatment options and resources do exist. Yet we must extend their reach to everyone who serves. That's why we're partnering with civilian professionals specializing in eating disorders and offering comprehensive training to military leadership.​

Your Voice Matters

Together, we can challenge stigmas, improve military readiness, and save lives. Explore the rest of our site to learn how you can contribute to this vital cause, contribute to our Fundraisers, or become a Volunteer. The wave of change starts with you.

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Let's make waves of change

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