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At SEA WAVES, our mission is to empower service members and their families by providing awareness, resources, and education to address eating disorders within the military community. We strive to reduce stigma, promote early intervention, and support the recovery and overall well-being of military personnel impacted by eating disorders. Through strategic partnerships and tailored programs, we aim to create a culture of understanding, support, and resilience, ensuring that every service member has access to the necessary tools and assistance needed to overcome eating disorders and achieve optimal health and mission readiness.


Our vision is to create a military community where every service member is equipped with the knowledge and support to recognize and address eating disorders effectively. We envision a future where proactive measures are taken to prevent the development of eating disorders, and where early intervention and accessible treatment options are readily available. We aspire to foster a culture that promotes mental and physical well-being, values diversity, and supports the overall health of our military personnel and their families. Through our efforts, we aim to transform the landscape of eating disorders within the military, ensuring a healthier and more resilient force. Together, we will ride the waves of recovery and empower our heroes towards a brighter and healthier future.

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